the painter hermann hunziker
  • 1840 born on May 30, as a menber of a old family of textil manufacturing and local government in Aarau, Switzerland.
  • 1858 Matura at Kantonsschule Aarau. He studies Chemistry at the technical university ETH Zürich.
  • 1861 enters in the family's business. He travels in Scottland, England, Germany, Italy and stays for a time in Le Havre. He likes the mountains, the alpinisme and ist told to be among the first to ascent the Blüemlisalp). 
    He paints portraits, aquarels und his first landscapes.

  • 1870 marries Pauline Wydler. Serves in the Swiss Army as a Major in the artillery.
  • 1871 left the textile business.
  • 1878 Studies painting in Munich. Friend of Adolf Stäbli, Diethelm Meyer and Otto Frölicher, who becomes his mentor.
  • 1879 divorce of his marriage
  • 1880 Back in Aarau he creates a oeuvre of landscape painting which can classified to the Munich School, to the end rather to the Ecole de Barbizon.
  • 1882 Member of the commitee Aargauer Kunstvereins
  • 1887 Second marriage with Martha Fleiner
  • 1894 Birth of the twins Gerold und Werner Hunziker
  • 1910 Januar 21 dies in Aarau
  • 1928 the only exposition (5 landscapes) during his liftime. (Aarau, Aargauer Kunstverein)
  • 1984 his grandson, Dominique Hunziker, brings the oeuvre of Hermann to the public. He let restore many of the paintings and makes a chronological register of his works. Beside a retrospecve exposition at the Galerie 6 in Aarau he publishes the book Hermann Hunziker Paysages intimes (Edition Galerie 6, Aarau,1984).
  • 1991 Exposition at at Galerie 6 Aarau with pantings of his sons  Gerold und Werner Hunziker.
    2010 Exposition in Bad Rappenau, Germany (Galerie Grandel) «Five Hunzikers -  Four Generations» with artworks of Gerold und Werner, Dominique and Nicolas Hunziker.


The oeuvre of Hermann Hunziker as it appears to us today, merits our sympathy and our respect. 
It is time now, that it finds it's appropriate rank in the history of the Swiss painting of the last (19th) century. 

Prof. Dr. h.c. Werner Hager

He loved the contemplation. Anything genre-like or anecdotic wasn't familiar to him.
He prefered a direct look at nature.

Gerold Hunziker on his father


HH Verlag Galerie 6 Aarau.jpg  Hermann Hunziker . Paysages intimes, Ed. Galerie 6, Aarau 1985  

 herman_selbst.jpg Autoportrait 1871, charcoal, 36x27 cm

hh_der weg.jpg

The Path 1909, oil on canvas. 56x91 cm


Seashore 1900, aquarel 14x21 cm

hhSonnenunter.jpg The Sunset 1878, oil in canvas, 42x34 cm


Mountain Landscape 32 x 42 cm